“Don’t Wanna Dance”-Elle Varner ft. A$AP Ferg


Yes, that’s the sample of the Jimmy Castor cover of “I Just Wanna Stop” that was sampled in Kanye West’s “We Don’t Care.” 

That’s a pretty good start. The daughter of a backup vocalist for Barry White and a songwriter who’s worked with the likes of Kool & The Gang, Elle Varner’s lyrics and singing reflect someone who grew up around professional musicians. She sounds comfortable and is willing to have a jam about wanting to leave a party.

And while The Slickee Boys were lamenting lame times at parties decades before (See: “This Party Sucks”). . .Varner brings a fresh sound and a cool demeanor that keeps you engage for all four minutes of the track.

And then there’s A$AP Ferg, who suggests they make a love skit for the album (See: Dr.Dre’s “Pause 4 Porno”. . .or maybe don’t.).

The question I ask myself when evaluating whether or not a rap feature improved the song is “would I have preferred just the instrumental instead?” In this case, no. I mean, you can safely sip a beverage during the verse but I definitely felt like Ferg’s bars contributed to the overall musical aesthetic. And he’s so cute.

This is a newer jam but I can see myself coming back to it and looking out for future Elle releases.

I found this song by looking through the Editor’s Picks at DJBooth.net and they have a pretty cool interview with one of the producers of this track, Pop Wansel of Pop & Oak, if you’re into that kind of thing. They’re also apparently the producers behind the “Marvin and Chardonnay” beat, if you’re into to either of those things.

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