“drugs” – kevin abstract


They appear to be in a Wal-Mart. The instruments are obviously unplugged. And kevin abstract kills it.

Go ahead and press play because the song doesn’t start until almost the 2 minute mark.

I know I know I know. But this was an experience for me, being pushed and pulled between the familiar and the unexpected. It starts ridiculous for sure, but I appreciate that start now . . .because it’s so archetypically amateurish. Almost over-the-top, absurdly amateurish. I’ve made videos that looked like the beginning. You’ve made videos that looked liked that.

But the music that follows is so polished, so sure of itself that I get the feeling that the set-up must be intentional. The first verse grabs your attention immediately. And then the chorus hits and you find yourself in the middle of a jam.

The group is at first presented so childish, but then these grown, introspective lyrics come in. The song is called “drugs,” but he is post-drug, post-love and reflecting. Ok, there’s also “pussy, money, weed and I’m straight for the weekend.” But I appreciate the contrast. I think you can definitely have it both ways, and as he also raps “I love it when you call me ignorant.”

And the thoughtful themes don’t make the song suck. He nails the hook too, complimenting the smooth beat change with universal lyrics about parental disapproval.

This track appears on his album MTV1987, which you can listen to and download here.