“Take My Life”-Pusha T


“Take My Life,” the ninth track on Pusha’s “Wrath of Caine” mixtape doesn’t exactly stray from King Push‘s usual subject matter–drugs, designer labels, and Clipse references abound. The mixtape’s name is “Wrath of Caine,” and the cover art is heavy on the ‘caine part, so these things should come as no great surprise.

With a reggae sample, prominent horn section, and Andrea Martin‘s soulful vocals, though, this song feels a little less in-your-face aggressive than tracks like “Millions” and “King Push.” Well, sort of.

The track starts and you may think to yourself, “there’s no way Pusha can be his usual aggressive Pusha self over this beat, right?”

And then he opens with “I hope you p—y m———-s die/ wish death upon they soul until they burnin’ in a fire/ I’m the illest m———-r breathin’/ f— your rhyme or your reason,” and you realize that yes, he can be his usual self, even over this beat. 

The song’s reggae vibe comes courtesy of a Yabby You sample. I’d like to think that Jake One, the producer behind “Take My Life,” really dug deep into the crates on that one. 

It’s got some reggae. It’s got some nice horns. It’s got a strong feature from Andrea Martin. Most importantly, though, it’s got Pusha doing what he does best.

What more could you want from a song buried seven tracks behind “Millions” on a pre-album mixtape?

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